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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Staged/Hoax Media Misleading US/Americans-Kenya Westgate Mall Shootings

Guys I can't keep this to myself, I have to voice my opinion on the supposedly  Kenya Westgate Mall terrorist shooting.

  I didn't believe the news at first when I heard of the Kenya Westgate mall terrorist attack on September 21. and after some of my own research all the first response evidence that the media is spewing out just is not adding up or making sense.

 Just take a close look at all the pictures that are showing they are all HD quality and the cameraman is standing in the middle of the firefight while the guy in the picture is taking cover from the supposed shooters!? Also every shot of a supposed dead person the blood stains are every unrealistic looking, Dried blood doesn't sheen up like plastic film. Also every picture of a "injured victim" they are carrying them/wheeling me out on shopping carts look at the person there no BLOOD anywhere on there clothes or faces and if it was a "shooting" wouldn't and "injured victim" be shot or have blood from glass on their clothes and possible face/arms/legs?

Then lets us examine the pictures of the security forces inside the mall itself, forget/ignore the fact that the cameraman is standing in the middle of the fire zone taking the picture of a kneeling commando...maybe he was 100 feet away with a good focus taking cover who knows. Take a closer look at the commandos in those pictures.....

In one Picture there is a built commando with a tiny 22 pistol aiming to shoot over cover at a supposed terrorist, with 3 more Kenya armed forces kneeling behind me with AK-47s. Examine all 4 of the commandos faces especially the Pistol gentleman. The Pistol guy is smiling/happier than a fat kid in a free candy store, and the 3 army guys behind him look like they are as bored as if they are just kneeling there for no reason at all. I know that military forces are trained to not show emotion but if someone was shooting at me and I was kneeling for cover to fired back, I'm sure my face/body language would be anything but BORED.

Ok so I was not there in Kenya at the Westgate mall on September 21st 2013, so I don't know what really happened. If all those pictures of dead bodies I saw were real and 60 people were shot dead and 100 really were injured then I have sent my prayers for them to find peace in the afterlife.. 

But my instinct tells me that the American/World Media is covering up most of what really happened if some or all of it is really true or just a giant Staged event to induce another war for the US to get involved in or Kenya to go to war with another country they chose to blame it on.

So I leave you with a video I found of someone who has examined the pictures I have talked about more closely and his thoughts on this


Link to HD Vimeo version and 2 Youtube version also since both sites keep taking the video down for "unknown" issues/reasons.....


Youtube keeps banning his videos here's another one in case first link not working

Sunday, February 10, 2013

HD rain forest Movie

Awesome Rain Forest music with HD rain forest pictures enjoy!!

One Tough Rain Forest Monkey!!

Baby Rain Forest Monkey is curious and gets electrocuted by encroaching power lines into his rain forest home. Thankfully with the help of some local animal Vets and some crazy luck the monkey survives hours later and even has the strength to escape the harness the vets tried to keep him in to make sure he would be alright. Now that IS a Tough Rain Forest Monkey!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013